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SCAI Roasting Masterclass

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Course Timings : 11:00AM - 5:00PM

A 4-day workshop designed to delve deeper into the world of coffee and embark on a journey to understand coffee roasts and nuances of profiles. 

The workshop will acquaint you with coffee beans, roasting, roasting profiles, bean defects, roasting defects and cupping. The course will not offer specialization in the above skills but will assist the trainee to move further in their coffee roasting journey. 

What you will learn

  • Day 1:
    • Green coffee – post harvest processing methods - experimental and traditional
    • Identify coffee defects, how they arise and how they affect the final cup.
    • Hand garbling green coffee
  • Day 2:  
    • Roasting – technique and standards
    • Study affects of roast levels on coffee flavour
    • Roasting Defects
    • Day 3:  
      • Profile roasting
      • Roast replication and graph plotting
      • Day 4:  
        • Sensory skills – taste different coffees and try to identify various elements of a cup of coffee and how to recognize them. 
        • Coffee blends - understanding and formulation of a desirable coffee blend. 

      Course methodology 

      • In – person classroom (4 Days) 
      • Lectures to explain concepts related to roasting of coffee.
      • Demonstration and walkthroughs of: 
        • Green coffee processing 
        • Defect identification
        • Hand garbling
      • Practical activities to get a hands – on experience with: 
        • Roasting 
        • Roast replication
      • Basic sensory evaluation of roasted coffee 
      • Specialty coffee blend creation 
      • Mutual sharing and feedback 
      • Course Delivery Language: English  
      • Course Handouts/ Handbooks:  English 


      Who Should Attend 

      SCAI Roasting Workshop is suitable for: 

      • Individuals looking to learn about roasting 
      • Aspiring Roasters 
      • Individuals looking to deepen their understanding

      DISCLAIMER: Subject to change due to unforeseen COVID situations/ restrictions levied by govt. bodies/ training institute.


      Where is the training conducted? 

      The training is conducted at our Bengaluru center. However, for region specific training programs the training will be conducted at the location mentioned for the training program (for instance, IAC Judges' Certification program)


      Specialty Coffee Academy India

      413, 9th Main Rd, 4th Block, 5th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560011

      Google Maps Link

      Google Maps Link

      Are there any online courses? 

      Currently, all of our courses are formatted for an “in - person classroom” mode due to the nature of course, where tangible and sensory experience are just as significant as the theory modules.

      Are any trainings conducted in locations other than Bangalore (Mumbai, Delhi, etc.) 

      Currently, all our classroom trainings are conducted at our Bengaluru center but we are looking to expand our footprint to other cities in the country. Stay tuned!

      What course is right for me? 

      Course can be opted for based on area of interest in the world of coffee. All of our courses have a section highlighting what an ideal audience for the course would be. In case of further queries/ confusion please reach out to us over email/ WhatsApp.

      What is SCA certification?

      SCA certification is a globally recognized certification which can be leveraged to pursue professional aspirations or AST status, anywhere across the globe.

      What is SCAI certification? 

      SCAI certification is a certification offered by “Specialty Academy of India” or SCAI and stands as a testimony of your successful completion of the module in which the certification has been achieved.

      Why does the SCA certification course cost so much? 

      The SCA certification courses’ cost is inclusive of training, SCA certification fee and GST. The course cost will not have any additional/ hidden cost on top of what is displayed for the product.

      Can I get a refund on cancellation of my booked slot?

      Since we work with micro batches, the number of slots in every program (SCA program or SCAI workshops) are extremely limited and therefore a refund will not be possible. However, in case of unavoidable circumstances, we can move your booked slot to one of the upcoming scheduled batches, as per your convenience. Please reach out to the education co-ordinator in such event.

      Is accommodation provided? 

      SCAI undertakes delivery of quality training courses and provision of training handbooks/ handouts. Food and accommodation arrangements will have to be planned and borne by the learner.